Our Approach

We value the development of strong relationships that empower local professionals to create sustainable change. Our approach is consultative, supportive and encouraging. We have demonstrated that we do work collaboratively with a range of stakeholders fostering long term relationships to achieve the most rewarding outcomes.

Our approach focusses on:

Sustainability – Through education and development of processes, we provide local health care professionals the skills needed to sustainably improve practices. This empowerment results in improvements related to direct patient care as well as across hospital systems. We provide long-term support which allows capacity building and improvements to occur on an ongoing basis. We identify, develop and support local champions who can positively influence their colleagues and their local health care system.

Multidisciplinary – Best practices in infectious diseases relies on a multidisciplinary team. We are therefore a multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, pharmacist and scientists who work with counterparts in the Pacific region to help improve practices.

Gathering local data – We work with local health care professionals to gather and correctly interpret their local data. This allows them to identify their country and hospital specific issues and problems. Depending on their priorities we then work them to develop contextually appropriate solutions.