Our Mission

Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases

Resource optimisation – training, guideline development and advocacy for appropriate diagnostic and antimicrobial stewardship. Ensuring scarce resources are conserved and targeted to have the greatest impact

Building sustainable capacity – of microbiology services to perform critical bacterial culture and quality assured antibiotic sensitivity testing

Diagnostic capability – ensuring appropriate diagnostic equipment is available locally to allow essential microbiology testing to be performed

Mentoring of laboratory staff with provision of training opportunities in and out of country

Development of a Laboratory manual and quality system, following appropriate international standards

Development of novel approaches and pathways to diagnosis that are appropriate to the setting

Education of pathologists and pathology trainees in microbiology, infectious diseases and infection control

Microbiology advocacy to the wider audience, including hospital administrators and politicians, about the importance of the laboratory and its role in infectious diseases diagnosis and management.

Management of Infectious Diseases

Training doctors and nurses to improve recognition of infection

Improve knowledge and understanding of antibiotics and other treatments

Contribute to within country Infectious Disease management guideline development and implementation to promote timely appropriate patient infection management

Development and support of local infection champions who drive change within their institution and throughout the Pacific

Maintenance of a targeted online clinical resource for Infectious Diseases and Microbiology (http://idmic.net).

Online clinical advice and support – on call ID service providing contextually appropriate advice. Provide online support for clinicians, nurses and scientists

Prevention of Infectious Diseases

Advocacy for necessary resources for hand hygiene and infection control

Education of doctors and nurses to reduce spread of infection in hospital

National Guidelines development to ensure optimal infection prevention practices

Assist with development of contextually appropriate solutions

Provide advice on hospital and national AMS program development