2022 PRIDA/PPTC Medical Microbiology Scientist Diploma

The first cohort of scientists enrolled in the PRIDA/PPTC Medical Microbiology diploma have graduated from their course.

The 21 graduates of the course included participants from PNG, Solomon Islands, Timor-Leste and Samoa.

The aim of this course was to sustainably and rapidly develop microbiology capacity in the Pacific and South East Asian countries by training a sufficient number of skilled and experienced microbiology scientists who want to
progress further, as well as foster relationships and promote a network of scientists both within and
outside the Pacific.

The course provided teaching that is locally applicable, using resources that were currently available.
Microbiology is very practical and so best suits small group training with plenty of hands‐on
practical skill application. As local expertise is currently lacking in the Pacific,
the course was facilitated by overseas trained pathologists and senior scientists, predominantly
from Australia and New Zealand, given their proximity to the Pacific Islands.

Timor-Leste Graduation Ceremony

The 1 year program included:
– Online weekly interactive lecture series
– 1:1 bench training and mentoring in home country
– Regular supervised laboratory rounds (in person and online)
– Presentation of case studies
– Review and development of standard operating procedures, a laboratory based quality improvement project, and a final exam.

Topics covered in the weekly lectures and assessments included:

The 2023 course is due to begin in July and EOI details for enrolment will be posted soon.

Online Graduation Ceremony

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