PRIDA Medical Microbiology Post-graduate Diploma 2022

We congratulate the 16 successful students of the 2021 course and are pleased to announce that we are now accepting enrolments for this year’s course. There is no cost involved other than internet data fees. PRIDA Medical Microbiology Postgraduate Diploma overview 3Feb22 Enrolment is arranged by emailing the course coordinator – please email john.ferguson[at] before 28th February 2022. We will then contact the prospective student and arrange an enrolment interview to learn more about the student’s particular situation and needs prior to formal enrolment. To improve and standardise the training of medical pathologists in microbiology, PRIDA has developed an annual online medical microbiology course that originated in 2017 when it was attended by PNG pathology trainees.  The course has steadily expanded since then with 16 students from 9 countries successfully graduating in 2021.   The course faculty includes more than 12 experienced pathologists, physicians, scientists and researchers.   The PRIDA postgraduate education web resource reflects much of the previous course content.

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